As you can see in the patented simulation video, I-Rune works to relieve pain as it is locally applied using moxibustion-like thermal stimulation and a cramps-specific TENS protocol, local and foreign users. This has been proven by many users both in Korea and foreign countries. I-Rune was patented as “Menstrual pain reduction device for stimulating acupuncture Point” and “Portable Menstrual pain reduction device” and now a clinical test is underway to evaluate its effects in treatment of menstrual pain.

As you know, menstrual pain is divided into two types, primary and secondary. I-Rune provides the same effect as when primary period pain patients take pain medication. In particular, it has been already verified that its continued use in Thermotherapy mode is likely to produce a high degree of pain relief.

In addition to cramps, I-Rune can be used to relieve muscle pain, backache, joint pain and more, regardless of sex. In particular, its low-frequency massage feature produces effective pain relief with soft stimulation and exact wave patterns.

The intensity of stimulation is highest in C-type mode, followed by B and A. You can select according to your preferences. In general, the softest A-type mode is most preferred.

The Low Frequency mode provides four different features: PRESS (pressing), TAP (tapping), MASS (massaging) and AUTO. In the AUTO status, Pressing, Tapping and Massaging are repeated in order at one-minute intervals.

The patch is for use in both Low Frequency and TENS modes. Thermotherapy is activated only with the pad.

The main pad should be placed with its top end below the belly button. The reason for this is to stimulate the acupoints located 3.5 inches and 2.4 inches below the navel. Make sure to attach two low-frequency patches onto the skin in the area of pain (e.g., shoulders or calves). See the image.

When a USB cable is used, a full recharge takes about 210-300 minutes. When a 24-pin charger is used, the battery takes about 120 minutes to reach full charge. A single full charge allows the use of up to 7 times in Thermotherapy mode and the use of 2 months (on a “20 minutes a day” basis) in TENS mode.

Patches and gels can be used repeatedly, but the allowable frequency of use depends on skin and storage conditions. If a patch’s adhesion has become weak, wash it with the running water and air-dry to restore the adhesion

You can make additional purchases of consumable components. They are available from open markets or our company.

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