Portable Period Pain Reliever (I-200L)

iRUNE Features


Intensive thermal acupoint stimulation (like in conductive heat therapy) Pain is relieved by moxibustion-like thermotherapy combined with acupoint stimulation therapy which is commonly used in Oriental medicine.

Pain Relief by TENS

Low-frequency therapy that is most effective both for chronic and acute pain. It works to relieve pain by stimulating peripheral sensory nerves in the skin. (I-Rune’s unique TENS protocol has been built.)

Pain Relief Mode

The mode is optimized for relief of cervical pain. The combination of thermotherapy (moxibustion-like thermal stimulation) and TENS creates the maximized effects of pain relief.

Low-Frequency Massage

This safety-proven low-frequency stimulation therapy is applicable to everyone, regardless of sex and age. Pain is effectively relieved by stimulation approaches (i.e., PRESS, MASS, and TAP) applicable to painful symptoms including muscle cramps and joint inflammation.